About Us

Sangalite Industries is a renewable energy system developer and contractor, building large commercial & utility scale photovoltaic (PV) solar power plants solution and also a leading manufacturer of Energy Efficient LED Based Lighting Fixture & System.

The company is the part of Sangalite Industries to deliver alternate energy efficient solutions. Over the years Sangalite Industries have set the benchmark for excellence in the solar industry & Energy Efficient LED Lighting Fixtures and Solutions. On the experience of the parent companies, UML, Sangalite Industries is deploying innovative strategies, systems and technologies to revolutionize solar power generation and LED Based Lighting Fixtures & System.

In a fast growing country like India, the need for energy is ever-increasing and as a nation, there is a huge unfulfilled demand for energy. This unfulfilled demand hampers industrial growth and economic progress as is a big impediment in the path of realizing our full potential. Total demand for electricity in India is expected to cross 9,50,000 MW by 2030. Setting up new power plants to fulfill this demand inevitably depends upon import of highly volatile fossil fuels.

Lighting alone in India consumes 18% of the total power generated. Changes in consumption patterns can lead to saving energy and better & efficient utilization of the same. We know that 1 MW save equals to 2 MW generated. This scenario shows us that efficient utilization of energy is the only intelligent solution.